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Investor's Community & Social Trading Network

  1. Due-Diligence-Hub

    1. Public Relations

      Here we publish all DDH related News, Events, appointments and similar stuff.

    2. German Trading Community   (46 visits to this link)

      German speaking users gets support in our partner Community at tom-next.com

  2. Sector News

    1. In the News

      All sector related news can be shared on this place

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  3. Sector Watch

    1. CFD/FX Broker (DDH-Coverage)

      This forum can be used to discuss relevant matters in regards to CFD & FX Broker which are part of the DDH-Coverage

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    2. Multi-Asset Broker

      As the name already indicates - Multi-Asset Broker are financial service providers which allows you to trade on- and off exchange. 

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    3. Neo-/Mobilebroker

      Robinhood, Freetrade & Co. - Gamechanger or just an overheated trend? Share your experience with the community

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    4. Yes we scam

      Report, analyze and discuss suspicious behaviour

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  4. Trading Platforms

    1. Metaquotes

      Share your knowledge about Metaquotes Trading Ecosystem

  5. Service Providers

    1. Technical Analysis

      Chart & Technical Analysis Tools, Feed Provider, any kind of added value Tools which helps to achieve better trading results

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    2. Service Providers

      All kinds of Service Providers who offers additional services 

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  6. Products

    1. DMA

      Direct Market Access - Trading CFDs 1-to-1 Hedged

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    2. OTC

      Over The Counter - where Principal or Agencies are your counterpart

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    3. on-Exchange

      Regular Trading on international Stock Exchanges ("on-Exchange")

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  7. Community Newsstream

    1. offtopic

      Open minded exchange of ideas between community members. All topics that do not have anything to do with investing or trading.

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