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  2. User triggered Enhancement Request (in a nutshell) Multiple scaling options, such as 50, 30, 20, or perhaps just 80, 20 "New Scaling Position" dialog Percentage of initial capital to be utilized: [e.g., 20%] Reward-to-risk ratio for this capital: [e.g., 1:5] Percentage of capital for a stop: [options: 0 (breakeven), -100 (no change), -50% (partial stop loss reduction), 20% (profit stop)] The simulator could then execute all 1:1 trades, and those that succeed could be passed to the next scaling step. The trades from the first step would then undergo the 1:5 simulation using a breakeven stop, and the combined results could be generated. Many thanks @ JD - we were not able to reach you because you didnt mentioned any email address. For further enhancements pls join community.
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